Marseille Series


Marseille Series SU01

The Maseille series come with 3 color frame and 2 types of lenses, the premium material are put into this series, you will feel the difference of material when touching. They are designed for endless uses.

Material Frame: TR90 by EMS Grilamid of Switzerland
Frame Color: Matt Black SU01-06, Shiny Pure White SU01-69 and Matt Yellow Flu SU01-67
Material Lenses: Polycarbonate and Photochromic

Lenses Color: SU01-06 Brown/Blue, SU01-69 Smoke/Orange and SU01-67 Smoke/Smoke

Marseille also compatible with optical clip on TR90, designed for minimizing budget of optical lenses, which mean you can use the standard optical lens index 1.50
฿2200 In stock
Clip on TR90 Clip On (390) เลนส์ย่อบาง index 1.61 EMI HMC UV400 ,SPH -10.00 to +6.00, CYL -2.00 (1500) เลนส์ index 1.56 EMI HMC ,SPH -8.00 to +6.00, CYL -2.00 (700) เลนส์ index 1.56 UV400 EMI HMC ,SPH -8.00 to +4.00, CYL -2.00 (900)
Marseille Series Marseille Series Marseille Series